How To Video Your Children's Sporting Events

Your athletes are going all out this season!

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Professional sports videographer Steven Langer shares dynamic yet easy-to-use tips for parents who want to create fantastic videos of their children’s sporting events.

In addition to learning how to dramatically improve the quality of their raw footage, readers will also develop powerful techniques that significantly shorten the time it takes to edit sports footage into a dazzling highlight video…don’t let all those hours of memories sit unwatched in your video camera anymore!

Whether you are looking to produce an outstanding college recruiting video for your high school athlete, or a keepsake memory for family and friends to enjoy for years to come, this books helps parents shoot and edit sports videos that stand out from the crowd.

“The number one resource for the parents of young athletes”

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How to Zoom

(Chapter 3, page 27)

Zooming can certainly add creativity to the final highlight video, but is often overused to the point of distraction.  A common misconception is that zooms need to be dramatic to have any effect. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, highlight films look more professional when the magnification is slow and subtle, so that the attention stays on the sports action instead of the camera technique. For example, note the zoom setting in this first shot as the player releases the ball:

How to video and edit sports recruiting videos

The tighter magnification keeps the viewer’s focus on the player, and allows us to see the smooth technique as the ball is released. However, a subtle outward zoom by the time the ball is going into the net allows us to see the entire backboard within the frame of the camera:

How to edit sports videos

Only the slightest adjustment was made on the zoom, and it was accomplished slowly over the duration of the ball’s hang time. The effect is interesting, unobtrusive, and professional in appearance.


Changing Camera Angles

(Chapter 4, page 41)

 Video Editing Tips

In the dissolve shot above, note the close-up of the swimmer getting her goggles ready as this clip dissolves into the next clip of the same swimmer crouching on the starting blocks. This shot incorporates a change in camera angles, a change in zoom magnification, and also the use of thirds in the camera frame (see subsequent chapter) so that the focal point of each clip did not dissolve on top of each other. Additionally, the ensuing shot of the swimmer on the starting blocks is not in process of zooming or panning, which would create an undesirable viewing effect…the camera is being held still and the background is static. In all instances, the videographer needed to proactively incorporate these strategies in the recording process to enable their use in the editing process.

What Do Parents Have to Say About The Techniques Described In This Book?

“Everyone that has seen her video…recruiters, her high school coach, and her club coach…have said it was excellent.  Thanks a million for these videotaping techniques!”

– Suzy Ockleberry


“I wanted to tell you how impressed we are…Incredible.  Your techniques produced great shots that were very professional, and enabled excellent editing…I can’t put into words how pleased we are with the video.”

– David Enser


“WOW! I didn’t know what to expect before the video was shot…the original plan was just each race in one static shot.  These techniques allowed everything to be edited together so well…Amazing!  What a special video celebrating my little swimmer.  I can’t wait to show him and every other family and friend I can think of.”

–  Laura Ries

“All of us with kids have videos of our children’s sporting events.  These techniques put together a remarkable, entertaining show.  Recently, at our end of the season soccer party, parents and players watch the highlight video.  It was like watching a movie starring our daughter and her teammates.  Each player was captured throughout the season making remarkable plays.  During the show, parents and daughters cheered, clapped, laughed, high-fived, and relived magic moments and memories that will last a lifetime.  The techniques in this book created a great show and we highly recommend them!  Our advice – make sure you have plenty of popcorn because you’re going to want to watch your videos again and again.  Enjoy!”

– Patty and Don Green


“The video was terrific – I highly recommend these techniques to anyone looking to capture their child’s sports memories…”

– Robert Brandes


“We loved the video so much…it made me cry, and my son loved it too…he was ecstatic!  We loved the extra special touches like the various camera angles.  I loved the team doing the cheer, the camaraderie among the teammates / competitors, the final results on the scoreboard, and the ‘high-five’ with the coach…it is so fantastic! One thing I know for sure, as my son gets older he will appreciate having this remembrance of his season!”

– Becky Gunning

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