Video Editing Services

Recruiting Video Editing services for your raw footage!

Your athlete has spent years preparing for college sports, give them a polished recruiting video for coaches and recruiters!

You have spent hours recording your high school athlete’s games, but don’t know how to edit all the best plays together. Or you tried editing, and realized it takes lots of practice to make the video look good enough for coaches. Coaches receive thousands of unsolicited videos every year, will your video stand out from the rest?

Send us your raw footage, it’s easy! Let our experienced sports editors create a compelling recruiting video that coaches WANT to watch!

Trained by nationally certified coaches, our editing staff at American Sports Memories knows what recruiters are looking for! We specialize in editing your raw footage into a college recruiting video that will support your scholarship efforts. Our advanced editing illustrates your position on the screen so coaches know where to look, and we use slow-motion and stop-action techniques to showcase your skills and capabilities. We’ll also include a brief summary of your athletic and academic achievements to help introduce your athlete’s background. See what clients say about recruiting videos from American Sports Memories

What’s included:

  • A link to your player profile on our website that you can email to coaches and recruiters for online viewing.
  • A digital file so you can upload your recruiting video to the websites of your choice
  • Turnaround times: We usually have the first draft online for your review and feedback within 7-10 days after the event.

Video Editing Packages

Silver Package

Silver Package ($395)
  • Video footage provided by customer
  • Professionally edited highlight video with 35 customer-selected plays
  • An online player profile and a digital copy of your video
Additional Plays ($10)

Want to include more in your highlight video? $10 for each additional play over 35.

Bronze Package

Bronze Package ($295)
  • Video footage provided by customer
  • Professionally edited highlight video with 20 customer-selected plays
  • An online player profile and a digital copy of your video

Add Ons

Priority Edit ($195)

Need your video in a rush? Add our rush edit service to your package and instead of the usual 7-10 day wait, we’ll provide the first proof to you within 72 hours.

Pro Play Selection ($150/game)

Don’t have the time to watch through your footage or want to make sure you don’t miss anything? Have one of our professional sports video editors watch the footage and pick the plays for you!

How To Book

Decide what type of footage you want us to work with! Do you want us to edit your existing footage, capture an upcoming game or tournament,  or a combination of both? You can learn more about these options in the links below.

Head over to Our Packages page and determine which package best fits your athlete’s needs. From there you can add the package to your cart, provide all necessary details and complete the checkout process.

After this is complete, PayPal will authorize your card for the purchase. Your card will not be charged until we confirm with you that a videographer has been booked. This is the quickest way to ensure you get coverage because we book our videographers once payment is received. Think of it like shopping at Amazon. When you place an order, Amazon authorizes your credit card for the amount to ensure you have funds to pay the bill. But Amazon waits to actually charge your card until your items ships. If the items do not ship, you are not charged.

Alternatively, you can have us check availability before you check out. However – because videographers are booked first come, first served – we can only check availability not guarantee it. We only book videographers when payment is authorized. For example, if another family completes check out while you are having us check availability, they will be offered available videographers first.

Once we receive your order, we will work with our expansive team of videographers to schedule coverage for your upcoming event. After we schedule a videographer, we will send you an email confirming that your event has been successfully booked, and will then accept funds from Paypal. You can expect this email within 36 hours after your order is received.

Alternatively, if you have requested coverage during a busy weekend and all of our videographers are booked, we will advise you via email that we were unable to schedule coverage for your event. At this time we will remove the funds’ hold and your credit card will not be charged.

Please try to plan ahead for upcoming games. We suggest submitting your order at least a week in advance to avoid this situation. An early booking gives you the best opportunity to secure one of our videographers for your event.

Now that your event has been booked, we’ll need some additional information about your athlete. Please head over to our biography page, complete the form, and submit a photograph of your athlete. This is when we capture important information you want to share with coaches such as GPA, graduation year, academic achievements, sports related awards, etc.

If you’ve determined you’d like us to edit your existing footage, please head over to our Footage Upload page and follow the steps to submit your files. Additionally, this is where you can complete your Play Selection Form to instruct us which plays should be included in your video.

Approximately 7-10 days after filming your game or receiving your existing footage and play selections, we will email you a link to preview the proof video. After watching the proof video, you may request edits. After this final edit and confirming with you that the video is perfect, we will:

  • Email you a link to your athlete’s online ASM profile (which you can share online and with coaches)
  • Email you a download link to the MP4 file of your video (which you can then upload to websites such as YouTube, NCSA, and other recruiting sites)

“The soccer recruiting video you did for my daughter is the reason she got a scholarship offer from Rutgers. In fact, everyone on our team who has ordered a video from you has gotten an athletic scholarship!”

– Paul R.

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