Team Sports VideographerAmerican Sports Memories offers a variety of season highlights packages that make lasting gifts for your favorite youth sports team!

We know how to film sports! We’ll send experienced videographers to your next sporting event with high definition equipment. Our crews understand sports, and we’ll be sure to get the right angles and combinations of zooms and pans that lend themselves to outstanding season highlights! American Sports Memories offers a variety of packages targeted to meet your team’s budget and objectives, and we'll apply advanced editing, special effects, titles, and music to create the perfect highlight video for your  team.  These DVD souvenirs are the perfect way to congratulate your favorite team for an outstanding year or a tournament championship, and help set the mood for pep rallies and trophy awards!

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You will receive:

  - A link you can e-mail coaches and recruiters for online viewing

 -  A digital file so you can upload your recruiting video to the websites of your choice

3 DVD copies of your recruiting video to give to coaches during campus visits

Prices start at $395 for one camera angle for one game, and discounts are available for 2- and 3-game packages (multiple games provide more opportunities to capture your best plays!)  We also provide a discounted rate for two-camera coverage.

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Do you already have the raw footage, but need help with the editing?

Schools, sports leagues, and parents now have an affordable option to edit their team’s action into a professionally-edited final production! What better backdrop for a homecoming rally, season-ending awards banquet, or trophy ceremony than having your team watch professionally edited highlight videos commemorating a tremendous season of achievement! American Sports Memories offers your sports program a variety of professionally edited high-definition video packages that thank your athletes for a season of commitment, sacrifice, and memorable moments!

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