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Sports Video Coverage for your High School Athlete!

Your athlete has spent years preparing for college sports...

Give them a polished recruiting video for coaches and recruiters!

If your high school athlete is thinking about a college scholarship, they will need a recruiting video to help market themselves.  A video that captures the coach's attention and lets them know what your athlete can do for their program!

With nationally certified coaches on our production staff, American Sports Memories knows what recruiters are looking for...we specialize in video coverage and editingto produce college recruiting videos that support your scholarship efforts.  We use high definition equipment with precise shooting angles, and our advanced editing illustrates your position on the screen so coaches know where to look.  Our production processes include slow-motion and stop-action techniques to showcase your skills and capabilities.  We'll also include a brief summary of your athletic and academic achievements to help introduce your athlete's background.  Prices starting at $395 plus shipping and sales tax.

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College Recruiting Video Samples
Sports Recruiting Video Packages

You will receive

  - A link you can e-mail coaches and recruiters for online viewing

 -  A digital file so you can upload your recruiting video to the websites of your choice

- 3 DVD copies of your recruiting video to give to coaches during campus visits

Turnaround times
We usually have the first draft online for your review and feedback
within 7-10 days after the event.

Sports Recruiting Videos with Two Camera Angles

The BEST Recruiting Videos

Your athlete has trained hard to stand out from the rest...shouldn't their recruiting video do the same? Coaches receive good recruiting videos every day...will yours get noticed?

Many Good recruiting videos follow the action from a wide angle so coaches can understand the context of the developing play, and see how your athlete moves even when they don't have the ball.  But tower cameras are so high that it is tough to see who's who...and very difficult for a coach to analyze individual technique. 

The BEST recruiting videos also have a second isolation camera that zooms in tight on your athlete at all times so coaches can clearly see individual nuances like footwork, ball control, and balance.  This camera angle also enables slow motion replays of your best plays from a different perspective...just like television broadcasts that replay the best action from two different angles...helping your video stand out from all the rest!  Two-camera prices starting at $775 plus shipping and sales tax


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