Sports Highlight Videos in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh High School and Club Athletes  Recruiting video services are available for high school and club athletes in Pittsburgh! Experienced sports videographers will record upcoming events with high definition equipment to capture all of your best plays.  Already have raw footage?  American Sports Memories also provides sports editing for your existing raw footage, such as adding arrows and circles to mark your position on the field.

We’ll provide you with a link that you can e-mail to coaches and recruiters so they can watch your highlight video online.  You’ll also receive 3 DVD copies for when you meet coaches in person during campus visits.  We’ll also give you a CD with the digital file so you can upload your recruiting video to the websites of your choice (YouTube, etc).

Why do Pittsburgh athletes want their recruiting videos produced by American Sports Memories?  See for yourself…watch some of our college recruiting videos here!

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Other Pittsburgh Recruiting Video Services

Recruiting Video and Editing Services for Pittsburgh Athletes

Pittsburgh Recruiting Video Services - FEATURE VIDEO

Parents  Help your Pittsburgh athlete search for a college scholarship with a sports recruiting video from American Sports Memories!  Are you one of those busy Pittsburgh parents with hours of raw footage sitting in your video camera but no time to edit? Let American Sports Memories quickly edit your raw footage into a compelling recruiting video that will showcase your athlete’s achievements, strengths, and potential!  Or schedule our experienced sports videographers to cover an upcoming event in the Pittsburgh area with high definition equipment…we can even combine this footage with games you have already captured for the best of both worlds!

Schools and Clubs Pittsburgh high schools and club sports programs from all over Pennsylvania and Ohio can send raw footage of their games to American Sports Memories, and quickly receive an edited Season Highlight video with all of the best plays synchronized to an outstanding soundtrack!  Edited season highlight videos from American Sports Memories are a great way to begin your trophy awards presentation or dinner banquet. Don’t let all of that raw footage sit there where no one can enjoy it… let your athletes and parents know how much their sacrifices and efforts are appreciated!

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