Sports Video and Editing Services for Charlotte Athletes

Charlotte High School Athletes  Invite American Sports Memories to video your next sporting event in the Charlotte area! We’ll provide multiple camera angles…capture all the action wide angle and also isolate in on your athlete’s moves…and produce a tpremium quality recruiting video that can be posted online or mailed as a DVD to recruiters and college coaches!  We can also professionally edit your existing raw footage, applying sports-specific editing techniques with circles and arrows to illustrate your athlete’s position on the field.  American Sports Memories recruiting video services for Charlotte high school students stand out from the rest…see some of our college recruiting videos here.

Charlotte Soccer Recruiting Videos

Charlotte Soccer Recruiting Video Services

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Charlotte Volleyball Recruiting Video Services

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Charlotte Baseball Recruiting Video Services

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Charlotte Softball Recruiting Video Services

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Charlotte Football Recruiting Video Services

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Charlotte Basketball Recruiting Video Services

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Charlotte Lacrosse Recruiting Video Services

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Charlotte Tennis Recruiting Video Services

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Other Charlotte Recruiting Video Services

Recruiting Video and Editing Services for Charlotte Athletes

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Charlotte Sports Parents  A thoughtful gift your athlete will appreciate over and over is a sports highlight video of their team! Charlotte high school season highlights, single-game videotaping, and tournament video services are available.  We videotape all ages, from U5 soccer to high school athletes to spouses on the golf course, and everything in between!

Charlotte High Schools  Let American Sports Memories produce a season highlight video package for your Charlotte high school sports teams and clubs! These box DVD sets are the perfect way to kick off your next trophy awards presentation for your varsity and junior varsity teams… and provide a memorable “thank you” for your athletes!

Charlotte Coaches   Tired of shaky footage, or missed plays? High definition game footage from the experienced sports videographers at American Sports Memories let you analyze and identify opportunities for improvement.

Sports-Focused Businesses in the Charlotte area  Martial arts facilities, fitness centers, and club sports programs can display high quality promotional videos on their websites that showcase your value to new customers!

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