Steven LangerAmerican Sports Memories has helped countless athletes around the country to get noticed, secure college scholarships, and play at the next level!

Videos are a critical step in today’s recruiting process.  Even when coaches are available to scout a player in person, that particular game may or may not offer the best scenarios to showcase all of the technique and capabilities a recruit may offer. Video highlights provide coaches an opportunity to quickly and effectively  analyze what a recruit has to offer…and provides athletes with a chance to be considered by programs that may otherwise be out of reach.  Many universities simply do not have the budget to travel and scout recruits in person, but clicking on a highlight video link still provides a valuable chance for coaches and recruits to connect.

Founded in 2010 by Coach Steven Langer and dedicated to helping high school and club athletes showcase their technique and play at the next level, American Sports Memories produces superior sports recruiting videos as well as game footage for coaching analysis; personal highlight videos for parents; and promotional videos for sports clubs and businesses.

American Sports Memories provides experienced sports videographers and editors who are specifically trained in video production strategies and tactics for high school and club sports. A nationally licensed USSF and NSCAA coach, Coach Langer draws on extensive personal experiences as a multi-sport athlete and professional videographer to ensure production of compelling sports recruiting videos.  By identifying optimal camera angles and videotaping strategies that capture and illustrate techniques across a wide variety of sports, American Sports Memories has earned an strong reputation and growing following for producing outstanding sports recruiting videos that grab and hold a college coach’s attention.   Coach Langer’s techniques have been documented in the acclaimed book How to Video Your Children’s Sporting Events, and countless parents report how their athlete’s recruiting videos helped secure a scholarship offer.

Headquartered in Atlanta with sports videographers based around the country, American Sports Memories has grown quickly and offers outstanding video and editing services to student athletes, coaches, and parents from coast to coast.  While we provide service on a national scale, all of us at American Sports Memories have a personal passion for excellence in videography, sports, and customer service.  We know how to showcase your athlete’s talent, and look forward to working with you!

Why American Sports Memories?

Parents essentially have two options for producing a sports recruiting video for their sons and daughters.  They can do it themselves, or have a professional produce it for them.

Doing it yourself is the cheapest way to get something in front of a coach.  Parents need a video camera and tripod, editing software that can draw attention to the targeted player on a crowded field, computer hardware, time, and both video production and sports-specific content expertise to pull it all together.  Producing a polished video that draws a coach in and keeps them engaged means everything.  Coaches receive thousands of unsolicited videos and use any excuse to stop watching one and move on to the next.   If the video is too grainy; has shaky camera work; is not trimmed to a good pace; fails to clearly identify the target player; or skews too much toward individual technique vs. team coordination…coaches will not waste their time watching more than a minute or two before discarding the video. Just like perfecting technique in a sport, parents must study and practice making many videos before they are able to create a top quality sports highlight video that is worth sending to a coach.  How ironic that a student athlete who trains thousands of hours to develop their technique loses a scholarship opportunity because their parents didn’t practice enough before submitting a below-average video to the coach!

Thousands of freelance videographers and companies around the country tout their sports recruiting video production capabilities.  Finding a video production company that truly knows what they are doing can be an expensive and painful process.  Many freelance videographers fail to show up for a sporting event or are not used to live action videography with challenging demands and fast-paced action. Even if they do have some experience with wedding videos or other event capture, they may have a limited understanding of your athlete’s sport and do not employ the optimal video strategy for demonstrating athletic technique and showing the context of a developing play.  Elite sports often have the ball moving at rapid speeds across wide spaces, and untrained videographers are unable to keep up with the game, desperately waving their cameras in a fruitless attempt to keep the action in their frame.

Videographers with American Sports Memories have been given precise training on how to capture the technique that coaches are looking for.  Combined with nationally certified coaches on our staff to supervise sports editing, plus an active network of elite club and college coaches providing the latest feedback on what university programs are looking for in recruiting videos, American Sports Memories has emerged as one of the top sports recruiting video production companies in the country.

Whether you already have raw footage and need help with the sports editing…or need a trained videographer to capture upcoming sporting events with high definition cameras and have the footage edited into a sports recruiting video…consider American Sports Memories!  Look at some of the recruiting videos on our website to see what we can produce for your athlete. Check out the unsolicited feedback from countless parents who were delighted with the scholarship results produced by our recruiting videos.  And let us know how we can help YOUR athlete play at the next level!

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